Best Canadian Casinos

The best Canadian casinos on the Internet have to first be good online casinos. They have to offer fair casino games in a secure financial environment ensuring complete players protection. The best Canadian casinos offer all these because they are licensed by reputed gambling jurisdictions, provide software that is independently tested and secure financial transactions using the latest encryption technologies. But they also offer facilities that enable Canadian players to derive maximum enjoyment.

One of the most important features that the best Canadian casinos offer is that they accept Canadian dollars as a valid currency. Canadian players can make deposits in Canadian dollars, can place wagers in Canadian dollars and can even withdraw their winnings in Canadian dollars. This is a tremendous advantage. At other online casinos the payments made in Canadian dollars would be converted to US dollars and the player would lose value in the foreign exchange conversion process. Then the players would have to place wagers in US dollars and would have to always figure out the value of the bets in their own currency. The online casino would remit payments in US dollars and again players would lose value in the currency exchange. All these problems are avoided in the best Canadian casinos because they conduct transactions in Canadian dollars.

There are some local online payment options that are prevalent in Canada. Many Canadian players use these options for carrying out online purchases. The best Canadian casinos allow players to deposit funds using these payment options. This is a big advantage. The players use payments options that they have subscribed to and are familiar with instead of having to subscribe to new different options.

Another benefit that the best Canadian casinos offer Canadian players is in the area of bonuses and promotions. The bonuses are specified in Canadian dollars and hence there is no room for confusion or misunderstanding. The promotions at the best Canadian casinos are timed with Canadian holidays and events. Players tend to wager more during holidays, especially during extended weekends. There are some Canadian holidays that fall due on Mondays or Fridays and the best Canadian casinos offer special promotions or bonuses then. Many online casinos have promotions based on sporting events. The best Canadian casinos celebrate the common Canadian sporting events, like ice hockey, lacrosse and football. Again, special bonuses and promotions are offered during the national championships of these events.

The best Canadian casinos offer features that make them user friendly to Canadian players. Many of them use Canadian domains like .com/ca, which makes them more accessible to search engines of browsers being operated from Canada. Canada has a population that is divided among English and French speaking people. The best Canadian Casinos offer software in both English and French. Reading the terms and conditions of wagering and the rules of the games in ones native language adds to the comfort level of the players. They will harbor no doubts in their minds while playing at these online casinos.

Customer support is another aspect of online casino operations that is taken care of by the best Canadian casinos. Customer support is also available in both French and English. Players from Canada are given toll free numbers to contact customer support so that they do not have to incur costs. Some of the best Canadian casinos have special e-mail addresses for Canadian players so that their queries can be addressed preferentially.

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