Ezipay Casinos

When you join Ezipay Casinos, you are able to make deposits at an instant and withdrawals work the same way. You only need to have your Ezipay card set to use in your casino bank account. Ezipay is formerly known as PaySparks, which is a popular e-wallet company with a very good reputation. Ezipay carries on the reputation and has made it even better. You must first sign up for your Ezipay/PaySparks account and be approved. The company is very particular - you will need Due Diligence Documentation such as your passport or driver’s license along with a utility bill to prove your residency. You will need to fax this information into the company before you will be accepted.

Being very strict about accepting customers, they are the same when it comes to giving out your information. Ezipay accounts are always kept confidential, with the information being kept on a secure server. Now that you are an Ezipay client you can join in on the fun that is offered by many of the Ezipay Casinos! The newer Ezipay system is offering the newest possibilities in methods of making deposits. You can load your Ezipay Casino account by using your e-wallet, Ezipay ATM card or you can use one of the following methods to load your Ezipay account:

You can make your withdrawals from your Ezipay account just as easily by using your ATM card, spending it online at the Ezipay Casinos, or by shopping at merchants who accept Ezipay. The Ezipay Casinos are made available to the players all around the world and they are all highly respected online casinos. The Ezipay customer service makes sure that everyone is treated well, answering any questions or complaints via live chat, telephone or email. You only need to contact them once in order to get your problems resolved. The customer service department has people who speak many different languages to even better service of the players and other clients. Ezipay Casinos offer the players a wide variety of casino-related activities by using the most sophisticated software programs. You get live action in the poker room. You can chat with the online dealers if you like. Select the table that you want to play your games at and enjoy being part of a real online live poker game. Perhaps you prefer some of the other table games? That is okay too, because your Ezipay Casinos offer a full selection of table games.

They also have great Bingo Halls for those who like the game. The Bingo Halls have huge prizes for the winners. You can win nice luxury gifts or huge amounts of cash money. Just make your selection of game play and you are ready to go if you have a valid Ezipay account. Enjoy the fun of playing Bingo and making friends at one of the many Ezipay Casinos. While you are there, don’t forget to play on the slot machines – these are everyone's favorite…

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