Solo Card Casinos

The Solo Card Casinos are the favorite of people from the UK. Solo Cards are a fully electronic debit card. Needless to say, the Solo Card Casinos make sure that their debit cards have a high degree of fraud control built into the system. That is why many of the UK players trust the Solo Card Casinos. Solo Card Casinos do not accept American players; however, you can fund your debit card with your own credit card in order to be able to get in on some of the game play.

Solo Card Casinos make use of Micro gaming software, which makes the graphics and sound something that players really enjoy. Those, who are used to playing online casino games, know that the better the graphics, the better their game experience. It is lot more exciting if you feel like you are at the casino. Most players enjoy being able to have live chat with the dealers when they are in the middle of a poker game. Also, those who like game room play enjoy the excitement generated at the craps table or perhaps they enjoy it the most when they are playing the baccarat. This way, you are able to make new friends and know what is happening at your table when you are at a real live casino.

You are able to use your Solo Debit Card when you want to play on the slot machines. You can load your slot machine with as much coins as you like and pull the handler right away. The fun really begins when you see and hear your machine as it pays off your win. Remember, in real life casino, in case of a huge win, you are usually being taken to the cashier cage where you can collect. The Solo Card Casinos make sure that you are treated just the same when you are playing online. It is more exciting that way, don’t you think?

Many UK citizens enjoy playing in Solo Card Casinos, but so do others who live in European countries. Many claim it is because of the ease in getting the debit card; the ease of being able to download your funds without leaving your home has made this one of the most accepted formats of online game play. It is also guaranteed to provide you with security and safety when it comes to your own financial information. The most secure servers in the world are utilized here, so you do not have to worry about any intruders.

When you are a first time player at one of the Solo Card Casinos, you are entitled to some great bonus money. You will receive 100% bonus for your first deposit of up to $1,000, depending on the amount of money that you load into your account. You also have the opportunity to play in the demo room, to see whether you like the casino before you make that first deposit. When you are ready, just go to a Solo Card Casino and click on the casino banking. Next, press the Solo Card application button and you will be accepted immediately. All set, now and you can start playing in the casino. Good luck!

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